This website contains over 2000 antique maps, town plans and city views of the UK, Europe and the World for sale. All items are genuine and include maps by John Speed, Braun, Hogenberg, Munster, Merian, Mercator, Ortelius and all the other major mapmakers.

My other website,, contains folding antique maps, panoramas and prints. I have a large number of maps of Cambridge, London, Oxford, Kent, France, Paris and Venice in particular.

The website is structured around 9 catalogues, 2 pages listing cartographers alphabetically and 3 supporting photo galleries.

Most of the maps are in very good condition but please contact me about individual maps. A 'P' symbol denotes that there is a photo of the map in the respective gallery. Again, please ask for additional photos (jpg.) of individual maps if they are not shown.

1) UK City Maps (especially: Cambridge, Edinburgh, London, Manchester, Oxford)

2) UK County Maps (especially: Cambridgeshire, Kent, Lancashire, Yorkshire)

3) UK Country Maps (England, Wales, Scotland, Great Britain)

4) European City Maps (especially: Amsterdam, Bordeaux, Lille, Paris, Venice)

5) European Country Maps (especially: France, Germany and Mallorca)

6) World City Maps (including New York, Boston)

7) World Country Maps (especially: South Africa)

8) Folding Maps

9) Ordnance Survey

Mapmaker (listed alphabetically including: Braun, Hogenberg, Merian, Munster, Ortelius, Speed and Mercator)

Galleries (photos of some of the 2000 maps)

FAQ (answers to frequently asked questions)

I do have other maps that are not listed here. If you are looking for anything in particular, want more information or want to buy, please feel free to contact me